NALP Licence to practise re-instated


NALP is re-instating its Licence to Practise for NALP Members. If you are an Associate, Fellow or Licenced Member, with a minimum of 3 years experi…

Guidance for NALP Paralegals


NEW: Supplying Legal Services and holding out NALP has just published its Guidance for NALP Paralegals that should be read in conjunction with the…

Licenced Paralegal Register Launch


NALP is proud to announce that the Licenced Paralegal Register has been launched! This is solely for NALP members. This service is a benefit for…

The Licenced Paralegal Register

This register has been developed by NALP and is free for all NALP Members to join provided they retain their NALP Membership.

Current NALP Members will never be charged for this service.

The Register is there as a benefit for members to assist them in marketing themselves to prospective employers, and in the case of those members that are granted a Licence to Practise, to advertise their services to consumers.

NALP has transferred all NALP members that are currently on the PPR onto the LPR and your details will remain there unless you tell us otherwise, so please contact us at if you wish to be removed from the LPR.

Message to Consumers/Employers

If you are looking for a Paralegal, you can search by name, location or areas of law. Please note, that Paralegals are not permitted to offer services that are defined as 'Reserved Activities' under Section 12 of the Legal Services Act 2007.

Our Paralegals are listed by membership category as follows:

A.NALP - An Associate Member of NALP who has a minimum Level 3 Qualification in Law or 3 years' experience

Grad.NALP - a Graduate Member who has attained a degree in Law, or postgraduate qualification in Law but who has limited experience

F.NALP - a NALP Fellow member who has either a Level 6 Qualification in Law (e.g. a degree) and 3 years' experience or a member who has a minimum of 5 years' experience

L.NALP - a NALP Licenced Member who has exceeded the requirement of a Fellow e.g.. 10 years experience

Licence to Practise - a Fellow, Associate or Licenced Member who has fulfilled the eligibility to gain a Licence to Practise by showing evidence of Good Standing and Competency in areas of law in which they wish to practise, and who has Public Indemnity Insurance.

Affiliate members and are either studying or intend to study to become a Paralegal.