Employer Information

Welcome to the Licenced Paralegal Register (LPR)

If you are looking for a Paralegal to employ or utilise as a freelance, then look no further. The LPR provides a list of potential paralegals for you to contact. 

What is the LPR?

It is a register of NALP Paralegals listed by membership category so that you know the level of paralegal you may want to approach.

What are the NALP Membership Categories?

A.NALP - An Associate Member of NALP who has a minimum Level 3 Qualification in Law or 3 years' experience

Grad.NALP - a Graduate Member who has attained a degree in Law, or postgraduate qualification in Law but who has limited experience

F.NALP - a Fellow member who has either a Level 6 Qualification in Law (e.g. a degree) and minimum of 3 years' experience or a member who has a minimum of 5 years' experience

L.NALP - a Licenced Member who has exceeded the requirement of a Fellow e.g. 10 years experience

Licence to Practice - a Fellow, Associate or Licenced Member who has fulfilled the eligibility to gain a Licence to Practice by showing evidence of Good Standing and Competency in areas of law in which they wish to practice, and who has Public Indemnity Insurance in place to do so.

Affiliate members and are either studying or intend to study to become a Paralegal.

How do I use the LPR?

If you are looking for someone to assist you, the you can search by location and/or legal expertise. When you find an appropriate paralegal you can send them a message using the contact form. If you find a name but there is no contact form, it means that this person is not available.